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> Personal Mailbox Account

Personal Mailbox Account


Secure personal address in prestigious London W1 area


For personal use only

Self employed people for Sole Trading purpose use Business account

Protected by mail and identity theft

Recorded / Courier service deliveries accepted

Additional name

Flexible durations to rent

Mailbox access 7 days a week

Mailbox title: Your name, Suite or Studio

Mailbox size: Small size ML (depth 37 x width 8 x height 13 cm)

Capacity: 100 DL envelopes, 50 C5 envelopes or 5 C4 envelopes

Package holding available

No Call-in service charges to check your mails

Mail forwarding facility


To open your account today Apply Online >>

Enquiries: 0207 409 0083












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Your address example:


Your Name

4 Little Portland Street
Suite 123

London W1W 7JB


Personal Mailbox price plan

3 Months





£5.00 (each)


£5.00 (each)







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Contract Duration



Small size mailbox


Key refundable deposit


Additional Names












All Prices include VAT

6 Months





£5.00 (each)


£5.00 (each)







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12 Months





£5.00 (each)


£5.00 (each)







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Mail Holding and Forwarding business

License # 109 05/12

Special Offer package for new customers only.

Mail Forwarding:

£2.50 Plus pay for materials and postage via Royal Mail.
FREE via Fedex or DHL only pay for courier fee. (Deposit Required)
(Was £5.00, you save 50% for limited time only)


Late payment:

£5 per week late payment fee applies, (Maximum £25.00)
(Was £25.00 minimum, Now £5.00 for limited time only)

FREE Additional Names:

Account holder accompanied by 2 FREE mailing names
(only person names. Business or trading name are not permitted with Personal Account)
(Was 5.00 per name, Now £0.00 for 2 names, for limited time only)


FREE Mail handling:

FREE mail handling for online or in-store applications.
(Was £5.00, Now £0.00 for limited time only)


FREE registration or setup online or in-store.
(Was £10.00, Now £0.00 for limited time only)


Package holding:

FREE for one week! then only £5 per item per week.
(Was free for 24 hours and £10.00, you save 50% for limited time only)

Key replacement:

£5.00 fee applies to replace a key / for lost key.
(Was £10.00, Now £5.00 for limited time only)




For all new customers free wi-fi access service in-store.
(Was £5.00, Now £0.00 for limited time only)





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